Terms of Use

Before starting using our service, each potential program participant should read the terms and conditions of Exstrikes services in full.

General provisions

1.1 This User Agreement is entered into between Exstrike (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the person who has expressed a desire to voluntarily become a consumer of the services provided by the Company.

1.2 This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) describes the rules of interaction between the parties and the terms of use of the Companys services in full.

1.3 The Exstrike Company interacts with program participants via https://exstrike.com. The Company official social media accounts and messengers, which are publicly accessible, are additional tools for communication.

1.4 The Exstrike Company renders its services and interacts with https://exstrike.com website visitors and program participants only under this Agreement and in no other way.

1.5 This User Agreement is considered valid, is always publicly available on the https://exstrike.com website, and is binding for all persons who interact with the Company in any way.

Rights and obligations of the Company

2.1 The company shall be obliged to interact with the https://exstrike.com website visitors and provide its services to the program participants only under the current Agreement.

2.2 The company shall be obliged to provide unimpeded access to the website personal account for visitors and program participants around the clock.

2.3 The Company shall be obliged to eliminate technical malfunctions, software errors that may potentially arise due to various force majeure circumstances in the shortest possible time.

2.4 The Company shall be obliged to conduct investment activity according to the rules of this Agreement: to accept deposits, to pay partner remunerations, to make payments on active investments according to conditions of the particular investment offer and the operating regulations.

2.5 The Company shall be obliged to use and store the personal data of program participants in a secure, protected environment in accordance with the Companys Privacy Policy.

2.6 The Company shall be obliged to provide the highest possible quality technical support and consulting services to all program participants and persons who in any way interact with the Company without violating the current rules.

2.7 The content (text, pictures, and other elements) posted on the https://exstrike.com website is the property of the Company. Unauthorized copying and distribution of content are prohibited! The administration shall retain the right to add/remove and edit the website content without prior notification of the program participants.

2.8 The Company shall have the right to add new investment offers, optimize active offers, and change the amount of affiliate remuneration. Such actions may be necessary to improve the investment climate of the Company and will benefit program participants exclusively.

2.9 As part of the Companys investment activities development, the administration shall retain the right to add new payment systems.

2.10 The Company shall have the right to send notifications to the email of program participants, which contain such important information as financial activity, affiliate program statistics, personal account security, etc.

2.11 The Company shall not be liable for damages that may arise through the fault of the program participant: errors in filling in the payment details, loss/transfer of personal data to third parties, technical failures on the side of the user. The Company administration will not be able to influence the solution of some problems that may arise on the part of the program participant (Internet connection failure, blocked access to the website by the Internet provider, etc.).

2.12 The Company shall retain the full right to suspend/block the account of the program participant for the malicious and systematic violation of the rules of the current agreement.

2.13 The Company shall have the right to modify/supplement this User Agreement. The Administration shall be obliged to notify all current program participants of such actions.

Rights and obligations of the program participant

3.1 Before becoming a program participant, each visitor to the https://exstrike.com website undertakes to read the current rules in full and accept all the terms of use of the service.

3.2 A website visitor who has created a personal account becomes a program participant. This means that he/she is familiar with these rules, he/she understands how and under what conditions he/she can interact with the Company.

3.3 Any person of the legal age who has not violated the laws of his/her country of residence has the right to participate in the Exstrike program.

3.4 Creation of a user account, participation in investment activities, and an affiliate program of the Company, must be voluntary actions and take place without extraneous influence.

3.5 When registering an account a user is allowed to specify only valid and current data (e-mail, details of payment systems, etc.), belonging to the program participant.

3.6 Each active program participant should be aware that if he/she violates these rules, his/her account may be suspended/blocked.

3.7 The Program participants shall be obliged to keep personal data in a secure environment and not to disclose it to any third party. The User shall take all available measures for the reliable protection of his/her personal data on his/her own.

3.8 The Program participants shall be obliged to respect the intellectual property rights of the Company and use the website content only for its intended purpose.

3.9 Program participants shall be obliged not to cause reputational damage to the Company by creating negative publications and videos. Should any problems arise, you should first contact technical support. We can always provide assistance and solve any problems amicably.

3.10 Program participant shall not use any malicious software and/or perform any other actions that may interfere with the normal operation of the https://exstrike.com website and cause damage to the Company.

3.11 When interacting with the administration and other program participants, the user undertakes to be polite and tolerant. Abusive language and profanity will not be tolerated!

3.12 Program participant shall have the right to participate in the investment activities of the Company on general terms and conditions. An investor should be careful when choosing an investment offer, making financial transactions, and filling out personal information.

3.13 A program participant is only allowed to invest personal funds that are wholly his or her own, non-credit, and of legal origin.

3.14 To deposit/request a withdrawal, a program participant can use one (or several) of the payment systems available on the website.

3.15 Program participant shall have the right to participate in an affiliate program on general terms and conditions.

3.16 To attract partners to the referral structure within the affiliate program, the participant is allowed to use advertising materials presented in the personal cabinet and can also create unique advertising content, which should not misrepresent the actual information about the Company.

3.17 It is strictly forbidden to use Spam technologies to attract partners to the Exstrike Company! This type of advertising, in any form, is not welcome.

3.18 Program participant shall have the right to contact technical support at any convenient time and get a qualified help and/or advice.